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Bournemouth Spiritualist Church

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Site updated 04 May 2021

Welcome to our Website

On this website you will find our programme of events, including services and healing sessions, details of church officers and committee members,  a summary of the history of the church, information about our library, background information on Spiritualism, photos of our church and how to find and contact us. The contact page also includes links to the website of the Spiritualists’ National Union and other local Spiritualist churches.

Services and Demonstrations. Services are held each Sunday at 10.45am and 6.30pm. On Mondays there are Spiritual Awareness Evenings, with no hymns, just an address, followed by questions and answers and a demonstration of mediumship and on Thursday afternoons demonstrations of mediumship with hymns. On Tuesday evenings Open Circles are held and on Wednesday evenings there are themed meetings on Meditation (1st Wednesday), Philosophy (2nd Wednesday) and on the 4th Wednesday of the month there is an Open Platform to which everyone is welcome. Other special events are usually held on Saturdays and are advertised in advance on our “Future Events” page. You can view our entire programme up to two months in advance on our “Programme” page.

Healing takes place every day from Monday to Friday. For times and details see the “Healing” page.

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Non-contact (distant) healing - suspended due to Lockdown regulations

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Many thanks.

Paul Gilliver, Newsletter Editor.

Newsletter by email

A Message from the President

If I was to be choosing Easter cards to send to everyone, my choice would be that familiar picture of a church, a frolicking lamb and a posy of primroses or waving daffodils. All emblems of renewal. The risen Christ, new born life and nature in all its delicate beauty.

After this year of global suffering, we all need that sense of renewal, revival, a fresh start. The world will never forget those who lost their lives to the pandemic or their loved ones left to grieve. We will not forget those who lost their jobs or those whose hopes and dreams have been shattered. As the hoped-for recovery begins, may the memory of the devotion and sacrifice of those in the medical profession never become dimmed.        


In those initial days of bewilderment and anxiety we saw light in the darkness as wonderful people, seeing so much need and helplessness, became heroes and heroines in their ingenuity in finding ways to bring food and comfort to vast numbers of people. The human spirit is wonderful, both in overcoming adversity and in the service of others.

Our Renewal begins on Easter Sunday, 4th April with a service at 10.45 a.m. with the much-loved Medium, Geoffrey Hayward as our Speaker and Demonstrator.  

Our Private Sittings, held on the first and third Saturday of each month, will recommence on Saturday, 5th June

Contact Healing is suspended for the foreseeable future. Until then, please be assured that Absent Healing will continue to be sent daily to every soul.

Our Annual General Meeting, planned for 21st April, is postponed until Wed. 23rd June at 7.30 p.m.

Under the guidance of Geoff Nunn, our Heath and Safety Officer, all our safety measures will remain in place or be updated as per Government Guidelines.  

May I thank those members who have continued to support our beautiful church by the renewal of their annual subscriptions and ask those still to do so, to consider helping us to maintain a strong membership base.

I know that some people are waiting until they feel completely safe to do so before venturing out to a church service, Whenever that time is right for you, we will be delighted to see you.   

We were plunged into the Covid experience together, we have lived though it together and now let's walk hand in hand along the pathway to our new post Covid world.

I send Love and Light to that world.

Pat Machin, Church President

Please Note: All opening dates are dependent on the government’s road map running according to plan and any changes to the programme will be announced on the website and Facebook page.


 Members of our healing team will continue to send absent healing regularly through the week. If  you would like  to add any names to the list for healing, please click below.

Inspire Magazine

To download a copy of “Inspire”, our church magazine, please click on the link below.

“Inspire” Magazine


Healing Request

Healing update

We have received the following directive from the Spiritualists’ National Union:

As our Churches move to re-open, EECom reminds healing groups that the Government has stated that social distancing policy is likely to remain in place until at least the end of the year, so any SNU healing groups should practise only distant and absent healing; contact healing remains unavailable for the foreseeable future. The Union will advise further as regulations are lifted.”

In view of this, contact healing is suspended for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, healing groups and individuals are sending absent healing to the world in a continuous stream. This love, light and healing energy will keep us spiritually connected, wherever we may be, until we meet again in our beautiful sanctuary.