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Bournemouth Spiritualist Church

16 Bath Road



Site updated 13 May 2020

Welcome to our Website

On this website you will find our programme of events, including services and healing sessions, details of church officers and committee members,  a summary of the history of the church, information about our library, background information on Spiritualism, photos of our church and how to find and contact us. The contact page also includes links to the website of the Spiritualists’ National Union and other local Spiritualist churches.

Services and Demonstrations. Services are held each Sunday at 10.45am and 6.30pm. On Mondays there are Spiritual Awareness Evenings, with no hymns, just an address, followed by questions and answers and a demonstration of mediumship and on Thursday afternoons demonstrations of mediumship with hymns. On Tuesday evenings Open Circles are held and on Wednesday evenings there are themed meetings on Meditation (1st Wednesday), Philosophy (2nd Wednesday) and on the 4th Wednesday of the month there is an Open Platform to which everyone is welcome. Other special events are usually held on Saturdays and are advertised in advance on our “Future Events” page. You can view our entire programme up to two months in advance on our “Programme” page.

Healing takes place every day from Monday to Friday. For times and details see the “Healing” page.

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Church closed from Friday 20th March due to Coronavirus outbreak

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Church Closure – Coronavirus

 The church is currently closed until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. Updates will  appear on the website and Facebook page in due course.  During this closure members of our healing  team will be sending absent healing regularly through the week. If you would like  to add any names  to the list for healing, please   click below.

Healing Request

Bringing the Church Community Together during Lockdown


  We have been looking at ways of bringing the church community together during the period of   enforced closure and have decided to try to resurrect the former church magazine, “Inspire”,   in an online format. This will obviously require the submission of articles from members of the   church community. For further information on this venture, please click on the link below.

“Inspire” Magazine